Luis Uzcategui is an illustrator and designer based in Columbus Ohio. He was born in Venezuela, but moved to the United States at a very young age to pursue a career in art. He has always loved fantasy art rooted deep in history from all over the world. Whenever he is able to travel, he never thinks twice and takes off to explore new places and new cultures. The world and its people are his biggest inspirations to create and communicate new ideas and fresh new worlds through his work.

Graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design, 2013. Since very young he was a fan of sketching and painting, his obsession with dinosaurs pushed him to draw and get better at it. Eventually he found himself drawing all kinds of things and thus his love for illustration and storytelling grew. As a big fan of fiction, mythology, and history (as well as the oxford comma) a lot of his work has strong ties with ancient times and fictional worlds.

In 2011 he got to experience his first study abroad program in Xi'an China, which changed his life and awakened a love for travel and exploration in him. Ever since studying in the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts he has traveled all over the world, meeting new places and new people, fueling his desire to remake the world with his own ideas, and monsters, and epic stories.

He hopes that in the future he can be known for making illustrated books and stories for children and young adults. And while doing that, being able to keep traveling the world to experience all of its cultures and stories.

Thanks for reading! Contact me if you would like to work together!

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